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In our practice we see more and more international clients/patients. Because we want to inform them properly, we would like to introduce you to www.GPinfo.nl.


At GPinfo.nl you can find reliable and up-to-date informationabout the health topics and healthcare in the Netherlands. The available information is evidence based and follows the scientific guidelines of the Dutch College of General Practitioners (NHG). Of course, the information is provided in a way that is easy for non-medical readers to understand.

At the moment, many topics can be found at GPinfo.nl. This includes the most common health issues, how to be better prepared when you visit your GP, how things work in the Netherlands and where to find more information. 


By consulting this website when you have a health-related question or before making an appointment with your GP, you will be better informed. You can find out what you can do yourself and whether you need to consult your GP in this situation, and you will be better prepared when you visit your GP. 


At our practice we want to improve our services for all our patients. This is why we are participating in this pilot project to better inform the internationals living in the Netherlands. Your feedback on this first English version is greatly appreciated (please fill in the exit survey) so that the NHG can gather information and expand and improve this service. 


We invite you to have a look at GPinfo.nl. The Dutch version, Thuisarts.nl, is used by all GPs in the Netherlands and has 5 million visitors per month.